Shipping and Returns

  1. After receiving your order information, the company will make final confirmation as soon as possible according to the availability of the goods and arrange for delivery or self-collection.

  2. After confirming the order, if you notify the change of address during the delivery period, the company reserves the right to charge you an additional delivery fee.

  3. All orders are subject to the availability of the relevant goods for final confirmation. If the Company is unable to provide any goods or services on your order, you will be notified by phone or email on or before your requested delivery date to arrange a refund. The company needs to review whether the reason for your return is sufficient, and reserves the right to refuse any request for return.

  4. You must inspect the ordered items for damage when you receive them. If you find that the goods are damaged (including wrong pages or reverse printing, upside-down or missing pages, excluding intentional damage), please notify our customer service department within 14 days from the delivery date to arrange for the replacement of the goods.

  5. Except for the refunds or returns listed in the above items 2 and 3, the company and this website shall not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect risks, losses and damages caused by your use of this website to conduct transactions, and you shall bear it by yourself risk.

  6. The company will try its best to ensure that the goods are delivered to the address before the delivery date according to the address provided by you. If the goods are not successfully delivered after 60 days of the delivery date due to your reasons, the company reserves the right to refuse any refund. right to apply.

  7. All products will not be returned for non-quality reasons once the packaging is opened.

  8. Product damage caused by your personal reasons (such as self-modification, [other reasons]) and improper storage, normal wear and tear of the product, will not be returned.

  9. Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, alteration, incorrect installation, or tearing, altering labels, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc. will not be returned.

  10. Partial returns cannot be accepted for items with bonus items, bundled items, gift packs, and bundles.

  11. Due to improper handling and any reason during the return shipping process, if the goods are damaged or lost, the risk is borne by the buyer, and [Online Store] will not make any compensation or refund.

  12. All non-quality problems require return and exchange of goods, and the freight will be borne by the buyer.

  13. When returning or exchanging goods, please be sure to return the original brand packaging box or bag, with accessories, labels, instructions, etc. in good condition, the delivery note and the delivery receipt (if there is an invoice or gift) together with the goods. If the returned product lacks the delivery note, the delivery receipt, or the package is damaged/lost, it cannot be handled for you even during the return and exchange period.

  14. In the event of any disputes arising from refunds or returns, the company reserves the right of final decision.

  15. If the company fails to accurately provide the goods you need due to force majeure reasons (including but not limited to acts of God, fire, floods, accidents, riots, wars, government policies, strikes or any circumstances beyond the control of the company) or Services, the company will not assume any responsibility or compensation.